A conservative news crack-up? Things just got real for some partisan personalities.

1 months ago
These should be high times for conservative news outlets, what with like-minded officials and operatives in control of virtually every important office in Washington.
And yet the news about conservative news organs lately has been a parade of dysfunction, a messy portrait in pixels. Specifically:
●The Independent Journal Review (IJR), a politics-and-policy news site geared toward conservative millennials, retracted a story last week that suggested, without evidence, that former president Barack Obama had pressured a federal judge in Hawaii to rule against President Trump’s latest travel ban. The site acknowledged that the innuendo-laden story was wrong and suspended three staff members — chief content officer Benny Johnson, writer Kyle Becker and editor Becca Lower. Read more here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/a-conservative-news-crack-up-things-just-got-real-for-some-partisan-personalities/2017/03/23/87641024-0f42-11e7-9d5a-a83e627dc120_story.html
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